• Dale Vesledahl Founds Vessco, Inc.

    9-1-78 Dale Vesledahl Founds Vessco MN

    Vessco’s first office is located in Long Lake, MN and has 5 employees.

  • Dick Corbett joins Vessco

    Dick Corbett joins Vessco

    1988 Dick joins Vessco
    1991 Dick becomes partner

  • Vessco Expands and Moves to Eden Prairie, MN

    Vessco Moves to Eden Prairie MN

    Vessco moves to Eden Praire, MN, expands territories, and develops early branding.

  • Vessco Opens 2nd Office

    Vessco Opens 2nd Office in Iowa

    Jon Harger joins Vessco, Inc. and opens 2nd office in Iowa.

  • Brian DeWolf joins Vessco

    6-1999 Brian DeWolf Joins Vessco

    Brian DeWolf joins Vessco and becomes Dick’s new business partner. Together they focus on growth and securing the best product mix in water treatment.

  • Vessco moves to Chanhassen, MN

    Vessco Office Building

    Vessco moves to current Chanhassen, MN location.

  • Vessco, Inc. becomes part of Vessco Water

    Vessco, Inc. becomes part of Vessco Water

    With the goal of continued growth, Vessco, Inc. becomes part of the Vessco Water family of top water treatment companies.

  • Vessco, Inc. Today

    Vessco, Inc. Today

    Vessco, Inc., headquartered in Chanhassen, MN, has over 20 employees and serves the municipal and industrial water treatment markets of MN, ND, SD, IA & NE.

Vessco Inc Logo

Company History

In 1978, Dale Vesledahl set out to become the best equipment representative to the water treatment industry. From this desire, Vesledahl Equipment Sales & Service Co. (Vessco, Inc.) began with a steadfast mission and strategy! Over the next 45+ years of service and under new owners, Dick Corbett and Brian DeWolf, Vessco carefully shaped its product mix to include the broadest and best equipment offered in the water and wastewater treatment industry. We serve the municipal and industrial water treatment markets of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska.

Our Mission

Vessco’s mission is to provide the highest level of quality and service to the municipal and industrial customers we serve with our Total Solution approach. This includes initial project consultation, design partnering, installation assistance, field service and parts delivery.

We offer an innovative cost-modeling strategy that determines not only your initial costs, but your projected costs over the life-cycle of the equipment. By focusing on life-cycle costs, long-term reliability, and ongoing customer support we give our customers a partner for life and are there to support you every step of the way!

We are now proudly part of Vessco Water’s family of top water treatment companies. We are committed to serving our customers, principals, and each other within the industry with the highest level of service and professionalism. We look forward to serving you!