Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Vessco Help Finance a Project?
Yes! Vessco has developed alliances with several funding institutions that can provide capital at competitive rates.

2. Can Vessco Design Systems that Produce Water Suitable for Manufacturing?
Yes! Because of our extensive product mix, Vessco can design systems that create every level of clarity, from potable to high purity water for specialty manufacturing.

3. How Do We Know You’ll Be There for Us Today and Tomorrow?
You can count on Vessco to support your project from start to finish and beyond. We have over thirty five years in the business, a broad range of experience, and the most professional team in the industry. We can provide references and job site tours, as needed. Vessco is qualified to acquire bonding to guarantee the success of your project.

4. Does Vessco Provide Field Service?
Yes! We employ factory-trained field service technicians who can provide trouble-shooting advice by phone or service at your door. You can also send in your equipment that needs repair. We’ll fix it and ship it back to you in short order.

5. Do You Stock Parts?
Yes! Vessco inventories thousands of parts that support chemical feed and field instrumentation. Most parts can be shipped in 24 hours. See the “Order Product” section of this website for fast and easy ordering online.